18 March 2010


It's been a while since I've been writing/blogging. There are numerous ideas I have that I want to share. I start writing...the words come easy initially till a debate starts out in my head & I start contradicting what I've just penned down so easily! What seemed a funny/cool/strange idea ceases to be so & my brain comes up with more ideas to dull it down or make it seem less cool somehow.
I thought I'd write about how there exists this group of people that are content to go to work every morning from 9-5 and spend the rest of their life doing just that. How they seem to be just fine to go to work, bitch a bit, enjoy the gossip and the tea & coffee, work some more and based on their financial situation or moral preferences take the bus, train, bike or car home! And how there's another group that can never be content doing exactly that... with a burning desire to change the world, to create something super-duper fantastic, to shine and sparkle!! Every single cell in their body aches to create something extraordinary.... and then there's everyone else in between.
Then I started writing on a topic called - 10 random things about me... then I chucked the idea as it sounded too full of the person I was writing about :-p Oh yes... there's always something I feel like writing about Manipur so I thought let's start a new one. Oh dear! I started with the outflow of talent and skills from the region to the rest of the country & some of us around the world and didn't realise where I moved into the state of schools in the region and then to insurgency till it came to the point where I was debating how the alienation of a region creates frustrations and in this case takes extreme forms of retaliation. And then whilst I was citing the example of how the brave people of Punjab took up matters into their own hands and brought to an end the long period of insurgency and trouble there, I was zoning!!
Oh yes, there's another one lying at the back of a notepad somewhere about the vicious cycle of skinny-dom. I gave up when I found myself gaping at a photo of Kareena Kapoor - she looks super cool and super hot at the same time which is a feat in itself and found myself wanting to have a body as fit as hers! She wasn't even in my list of favourite actresses till I saw Jab We Met!!!
So what am I doing playing all these contradictions in my head. Am I really that muddled up (Oi...don't nod your head in agreement!) or drastically confused... (you can stop shaking your head now....) A little voice in my head said it's alright... it's only a means of not going into extremes, of staying on a middle path. To stay in the middle path and not judging either sides of any story. A story is a story and that's all there's to it.
And here I am finishing off today's blog and still teeming with a zillion other thoughts. Watch this space for more contradictions...ahem thoughts I mean.

05 March 2010

Something to smile about

Kids say some amazing things... And it's so hard to keep a straight face when they are doing so.
I was sitting next to a mother of twin girls in cute red hoodies in the bus. The twins were having an elaborate discussion about their day at school and about how they didn't like to fight as it made them cry in the end. :)
One of the red hooded twin said - we made posters today at school.
Mom - what was it about.
Little Red hoodie- it was on how to get information.
Mom- thts nice (I thought that was nice too considering they were probably just 5-6 year olds). So what did you make?
Little red hoodie - television.... Maps... And bells! (did she just say bells...? Okay...that has my somewhat adult mind wondering!!)
Mom - bells? And by now everyone in the bus has smiled plastered on their faces probably thinking awww..so sweet..kids...etc etc.
Well little hoodie explains - you see when you ring the bell, someone answers the door & you can get information. And when the school bell rings you know if school has started or if it's time to go home!! So bells give information.:-)
of course that was brilliant & she was adoreable. I loved it and I'm so thankful I was there when this happened!

KEEP SMILING coz u look soooo sweet when you do.